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BOMGAR  Gold Partner|
The Box That's Revolutionizing Remote Support
Bomgar is not a start-up company. In fact, Bomgar has been around for over a decade. The name Bomgar is named after its co-founder, now CEO, Mr. Joel Bomgar. In the nutshell, Bomgar or "the" Bomgar Box does one thing and does it extremely well if not the best and that is "Remote Support".  Securely Support Windows, Mac, Linux & almost all popular mobile devices would be an understatement! That explains the slogan "The Box That's Revolutionizing Remote Support".

Human-Centric Workflows for SharePoint2010

  • Empower IT and business synergy
  • Build your workflows with drag-and-drop
  • Immediately adapt process to changes
  • Utilize your SharePoint environment

Dell AppAssure
AppAssure Software is an industry-leading developer of application backup and recovery software. Considered a pioneer of the “Backup 2.0” movement, AppAssure products are designed to go beyond protecting data alone, protecting entire application infrastructures and ensuring rapid recovery in the event of system failures. Committed to ensuring reliable and affordable application recovery is available to every organization, AppAssure Software leverages cutting-edge technologies to reduce storage footprints, shrink recovery times, and make certain that applications can be recovered to any point in time, from the datacenter or from the cloud.

AppAssure 5 for Windows Server
AppAssure 5 for Exchange
AppAssure 5 for SQL
AppAssure 5 for Hyper-V
AppAssure 5 for VMware
AppAssure 5 for SBS
AppAssure 5 Windows Desktop

AppAssure 5-min Demo

AppAssure 5 Free Trial

Drobo, the company that is changing the way the world stores digital content, develops automated storage products designed to ensure data is always protected, accessible and simple to manage. The award-winning Drobo® storage arrays are the first to provide the protection of traditional RAID without the complexity. Data Robotics revolutionary BeyondRAID technology frees users from making the difficult and confining choice of “Which RAID level to deploy?” by providing an unprecedented combination of advanced features and automation, including single and dual disk redundancy, instant expansion, self-monitoring, data awareness, self-healing and an easy-to-understand visual status and alert panel.


FileWay includes an Outlook Web Access connector, giving OWA users complete document Browse, Read and Write access directly from OWA’s main menu.

FileWay also includes Secure Copy/Link solution. Users can paste live links in emails and corporate documents for secure access directly to corporate documents.

An Essential Business Continuity Solution

Download, upload, email, edit, view and manage documents, directories from any browser.

Whether planning for the best or worst of times FileWay deploys and scales quickly to the largest organization.

By delivering secure data access to your entire enterprise ensures uninterrupted access and productivity for enterprises that need to provide reliable access to corporate file shares from any location using just a web browser.

By enabling employees to access internal resources from any location, FileWay helps companies maintain peak productivity while realizing full value from their IT infrastructure.

Traditional VPN technology does not easily scale to larger enterprises. FileWay adds great value to SSL VPN systems, employee portals and (OWA) Outlook Web Access corporate web mail. FileWay can be deployed to the largest enterprise in days and meet business continuity objectives allows secure data access to all corporate employees.

Video Demo

FileWay™ Key features

  • Browser-based access to the full range of corporate resources such as file servers or users desktops. Support for all common browsers
  • A simple and intuitive interface that presents files and folders in the familiar Windows look and feel with the ability to tailor settings according to user’s preferences.
  • Desktop like functionality including create shortcut, create a folder, upload and download files, zip and download file or folder, copy to folder, move to folder, rename, delete files and folders and Email files as easily as if the user was working directly on the office workstation.
  • Never leave files behind on remote systems. Built-in SecureView Technology allows users to securely view vs. download files. Views are never cached in remote systems. Disallow downloads on un-trusted workstations.
  • Setting up for the largest enterprise is easy. FileWay now includes Dynamic live Active Directory Integration. Whether 10 or 100,000 employees FileWay Manager, connects to Active Directory and does the hard work. When changes are made to Active Directory FileWay dynamically updates. FileWay Manager builds the relationship between File Servers, Active Directory groups, user shares and user access rights.
  • Integrates with the organizations security and SSL-VPN systems.
  • Out of the box built-in support for Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Sharepoint Server. Support for other Portlet based portal products.
  • Integrates with Outlook to provide remote file access without the need for VPN.

Metalogix Software delivers email archiving solutions for Microsoft Exchange® as well as SharePoint migration, management, archiving, and recovery solutions. Its award-winning software enables organizations to migrate, manage, and archive enterprise content to ensure availability, regulatory compliance, efficiency, and cost effectiveness. The company’s goal is to provide Content Lifecycle Management for the Microsoft collaborative world. Metalogix is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.

Migration Products

SharePoint Site Migration Manager

SharePoint Site Migration Manager is an easy to use, convenient way of getting your SharePoint data migrated.
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FileShare Migration Manager for Sharepoint

Consolidate multiple corporate file shares, web-based document sources, and personal drives into a centrally managed SharePoint repository.
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Website Migration Manager for SharePoint

Website Migration Manager for SharePoint If your organization is moving to the SharePoint web content management platform
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Archiving Products

Professional Archive Manager for Files

Professional Archive Manager for Files Overview Integrated HSM (Hierarchical Storage Management) engine to drive the archiving process that controls file lifecycle management
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StoragePoint is a single solution that makes SharePoint® more economical to operate, more secure, more quickly and easily recoverable from disasters, and more compliant while improving performance and end user experience.
Keep SharePoint content out of SQL and…   
•  Simplify taxonomy planning and implementation.  
•  Develop a more flexible and streamlined disaster recovery plan. 
•  Improve the upload, retrieval, and management of large files. 
•  Enforce regulatory compliance where needed.  
•  Save money by moving content to less expensive tiers of storage

Promodag Reports presentation
PROMODAG Reports is an advanced and cost-effective reporting tool that enables Exchange Server administrators and IT managers to obtain valuable information about all aspects of their email system.
With its powerful and easy-to-understand features PROMODAG Reports produces comprehensive reports that you can rely on to ensure better security, business continuity, and to improve Exchange organization performance.


  • Find out how, when and by whom the system is used or misused.
  • Prevent email and business process-related problems from occurring.
  • Check compliance with organizational policies.
  • Optimize system configuration and design in response to changing traffic patterns.
  • Plan development based on a reliable understanding of electronic mail usage and needs.
  • Chargeback system usage based on email traffic or storage size.
  • Ensure you are meeting your Service Level Agreement.


  • Mailbox traffic reports let you see in detail with whom your users are corresponding, and the kind of messages they exchange. Mailboxes can be grouped by Active Directory attributes such as server, department, manager...
  • Traffic statistics reports produce graphs showing traffic breakdown by days, hours, size of messages or number of recipients.
  • Storage reports show you how your storage capacity is used and how it changes over time.
  • Mailbox content analysis reports reveal what users are storing in their mailbox, e.g. attachments. You can group items by age to point out what could be archived.
  • Public folders reports let you get a clear picture of who uses them, when and for what purpose.
  • Server traffic reports display the type of traffic processed by servers.
  • Outlook Web Access reports show who is using web mail and when.
  • Delivery reports help you measure your service level agreement by calculating internal message delivery time.
  • Billing reports allow chargeback based on mailbox storage size or message traffic for mailboxes grouped by server, department, etc...

Key features

The product is designed for simple, convenient, and effective user interaction.
  • Reports come in tabular or graphical format with many configuration options to suit specific information requirements.
  • Reports can be exported to different formats: HTML, PDF, XLS, CSV, RTF, MHT.
  • Reports can be sent by email, published in a public folder, a Web site or to a SharePoint document library.
  • Individual mailbox reports can be automatically sent to the user or manager.
  • Reports options can be saved for instant access using the Favorites menu.
  • Mailboxes can be selected based on various Active Directory attributes (server, OU, department...).
  • Reporting period can be restricted to specific days or business hours.
  • Data collection, report generation, export and publication may be automated and scheduled.
  • Data repository can be an Access or SQL Server database.

How does it work

PROMODAG Reports is easy to install and configure. Reports use native Exchange server data sources so there is nothing to install on the server. The product collects and stores the necessary data into an Access or SQL Server database. You can choose from over 80 ready made reports and publish them to various destinations in different formats. All operations can be easily automated and scheduled so you can set up the product and forget about it.

International language support

The product is available in English, German and French. Reports can also be generated in Spanish, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese.
Software requirements.

For more info, pls  contact  our product specialist.

StarWind Software is a global leader in Storage Virtualization and iSCSI storage for small and midsize companies. StarWind's flagship product is a storage virtualization software platform that turns any industry-standard Windows Server into a fault-tolerant, fail-safe iSCSI SAN. It is designed for use as networked storage for VMware, Hyper-V, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SharePoint and other server applications configured in server clusters. StarWind Software is focused on providing small and midsize companies with affordable high availability technology which was previously only available in high-end storage products. The advanced, enterprise-class features include Synchronous Mirroring with Automated Failover and Failback, Remote Replication across a WAN, CDP and Snapshots, Thin Provisioning and Virtual Tape Array (VTA).


Backup & Replication

#1 VMware Backup & Replication v7 w/vPower
Veeam Backup & Replication is built specifically for VMware vSphere to provide fast backup and recovery for ESX(i) virtual machines. Only Veeam Backup & Replication lets you recover an entire VM or an individual object from any application or file system—all from the same image-level backup. There are no agents to manage, no need to babysit backup jobs, and for the first time you can verify the recoverability of every backup.
It’s no wonder Veeam Backup & Replication v5 was chosen as “Best of Show” at VMworld 2010 and why more than 20,000 customers use Veeam to protect their mission-critical VMs.

Veeam Backup & Replication does more than just support your virtual environment: it leverages that environment to provide a whole new level of protection for your virtualized applications, services and data. We call it Virtualization-Powered Data Protection™—or vPower™ for short.

With vPower, you can meet your recovery time and recovery point objectives (RTOs and RPOs) for less: less time, effort, cost and risk.

2-in-1 Backup and Replication

Veeam Backup & Replication also provides image-based replication of VMs across local and wide area networks (LANs and WANs). It provides near-continuous data protection (near-CDP) for a fraction of the cost of traditional CDP. You can replicate on-site for high availability, or off-site for disaster recovery.

39,000 Customers and Growing

Veeam Backup & Replication is the best way to back up your VMs. With 2-in-1 backup and replication, it provides the most comprehensive protection of your virtual infrastructure. And with new patent-pending vPower technology, it provides capabilities not available anywhere else. The benefits to your organization are significant:

  • 100% reliability more...

    Verify the recoverability of EVERY backup, of EVERY virtual machine, EVERY time. You no longer have to settle for backups that “might work” or “should work”—instead, you can rest easy knowing that your backups actually do work. It’s simply not possible with physical backups—or even with other image-based backups.

  • 5-minute RTOs and RPOs more...

    Restore an entire VM, a particular VMDK file, or specific application or user data in a matter of minutes — all from the same image-level backup. To minimize data loss, replicate every few minutes, or simply back up faster and more frequently. With Veeam, you can minimize the downtime, disruption and rework caused by problems in your production environment.

  • Cost savings of 70% or more more...

Veeam Backup & Replication is the first enterprise-ready solution that combines backup and replication in a single product for fast recovery of your VMware ESX and ESXi environment.

Veeam Reporter vSphere Ready

Enterprise reporting, change management and capacity planning for VMware
Veeam Reporter™ discovers, documents and analyzes your entire virtual infrastructure. It maintains a complete history of all objects, settings and changes. And it trends performance and utilization. So you can really understand your virtual infrastructure—past, present and future.

When it comes to documenting and reporting on your virtual infrastructure, Reporter does it all. In particular, Reporter addresses these key virtualization management challenges:

  • Enterprise reporting
  • Change management
  • Capacity planning

Veeam Monitor  vSphere Ready

Industry standard VMware performance monitoring, capacity planning and troubleshooting
Veeam Monitor is an easy-to-deploy, framework-independent VMware monitoring solution designed to meet the day-to-day needs of VMware administrators. Built from the ground up specifically for the virtual world, Veeam Monitor provides support for troubleshooting and issue resolution, as well as trend reporting and capacity planning - equipping you to proactively manage Virtual Infrastructure 3 (VI3) and vSphere system health and performance today and over the long term.

Veeam Management Suite  vSphere Ready 

Leverage and protect your investments in VMware with the Veeam Management Suite.

The Veeam Management Suite is a set of industry-leading solutions for VMware backup and management, designed to provide significant cost savings, increase administrator productivity, and mitigate daily management risks for VMware deployments of all sizes. This cost-effective solution will help you automate routine processes of VMware management and gain complete control over your virtual infrastructure.

The Veeam Management Suite includes the following solutions to support your business needs as your environment grows over time: